Department of repair services

Nowadays, corrosion is one of the fundamental problems in the world. significance of industrial coatings and lack of executive contractors with scientific approach based on the world`s up-to-date techniques, made Petro Sanat-e-Jonoob Group to fill this gas of the country`s industries.
سرویس های تعمیراتی

This department is ready to offer services to industrial complexes and factories by relying on executive, facilities, equipment and its professional personnel`s potential and knowledge.

  • Cleaning operation sandblasting, as well as painting metal and nonmetal boards , devices and equipment of the industries.
  • Performing coating operation on pipelines with common new scientific methods.
  • Performing specific coatings with special application.
  • Performing hot and cold insulation on pipelines as well as on stationary and rotary equipment.
  • Offering consultation services in executive methods of industrial coating.
  • Providing material related to department `s activities such as internal and external paintings, hot and cold insulation , polymer coating , special coatings , wrapping , industrial rubber and ceramic coatings
  • performing rubbering operation for industrial appliances and equipment Offering scaffolding services , rigging.
  • Providing crane , heavy and light machinery for industrial complexes.